The detailed programme of the workshop is available under the following link: (PDF).

The workshop consists of regular talks delivered by the participants, together with several mini-courses on applications of mathematics in engineering and technical sciences, including:

  • Paweł Dłotko, "Introduction to Topological Data Analysis" (abstract: PDF),
  • Arimura Hidetaka, "Medical imaging signatures with topology for cancer" (abstract: PDF),
  • Shunsuke Ichiki, "Singularity theory and its applications to strongly convex multiobjective optimization problems" (abstract: PDF),
  • Jan Mielniczuk, "Modelling Regression Dependencies" (abstract: PDF),
  • Dariusz Plewczyński, "Unveiling the Dynamic Nuclear Landscape: A Mini-Course on 3D Human Genome Modelling" (abstract: PDF).

The detailed programme can be found on the top of the webpage. Below, you can find a preliminary list of included talks.

  • Przemysław Biecek, "Explanatory Model Analysis"
  • Piotr Borowik, "How to measure unmeasurable? The case study of smells in environment protection"
  • Tomasz Cieślak, "(In)stability of spiral vortex sheets"
  • Karol Ćwieka, "Virtual design of nanocomposites for tunable visible-light plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic transformations"
  • Toshizumi Fukui, "Pseudospheres from singularity theory view-point with a classification of 2-soliton surfaces"
  • Leon Gradon, "Formation of nanostructured functional particles with the spray-drying method"
  • Przemysław Grzegorzewski, "On comparing distributions with imprecise data"
  • Naoki Hamada, "Brief Introduction to Topology for Multi-objective Optimization"
  • Yuichi Ike, "Persistent Homology and Machine Learning"
  • Paweł Józiak, "How to measure data diversity and why is it important?"
  • Lucía Ivonne Hernández Martínez, "Bautin bifurcation in a minimal model of immunoediting"
  • Stanisław Janeczko, "Exotic shapes of nano-spherical structures - new DNA coding"
  • Konstanty Junosza-Szaniawski, "Cryptographic protocol verification – results of EPW project"
  • Shizuo Kaji, "Synergies of medicine, physics, and mathematics in medical imaging"
  • Kenji Kajiwara, "Generation of Aesthetic Shape by Integrable Geometry"
  • Konrad Kisiel, "Plasticity - Modeling and mathematical analysis"
  • Miyuki Koiso, "Developable surfaces with curved folds and applications"
  • Bartosz Kołodziejek, "Learning Permutation Symmetry of a Gaussian Vector"
  • Shigeki Matsutani, "Supercoiled structure of DNA and hyperelliptic functions"
  • Naomichi Nakajima, "Information geometry of positive measures"
  • Mariusz Niewęgłowski, "Multivariate Hawkes processes"
  • Takashi Nishimura, "On envelopes created by circle families in the plane (a joint work with Yongqiao Wang)"
  • Zbigniew Peradzyński, "Calcium waves sustained by calcium influx through mechanically activated channels in the cell membrane"
  • Osamu Saeki, "Generalization of Reeb spaces and application to data visualization"
  • Hiroshi Teramoto, "On constraint qualifications in multi-objective optimization problems"


An additional notice regarding participant registration: to claim your badge and conference gifts, please meet us at the conference venue on Monday morning between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM. We look forward to seeing you!